When relocating your family or business, there certainly are a lot of moving parts -pun intended!  And yet, moving does not have to be a daunting process.  At Sunny Moving Services, our role, as your professional moving service provider, is to ensure your physical move is a seamless process.  We do this by placing customer convenience at the top of our priority list.  To this end, we provide each customer with knowledgeable advice, quality labor, and premier customer service.  Looking to make a move?  You can count on us to get you where you want to go, safely and efficiently.

Benefit from Our Experience

Most of us don’t move enough to claim comfortable familiarity with the moving process.  But at Sunny Moving Services, moving is our sole business, and we’ve done a lot of it.  We’ve got the experience needed to get the job done right, from start to finish.

Our service engagements begin with an introduction to a team member on standby to provide dependable, knowledgeable advice as you plan, pack and prepare for your transition.  You can expect informed guidance on important moving logistics.

  • Have questions about packing?  Not only are we prepared to advise you on packing best practices and packing supply procurement, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of our optional professional packing service.
  • Have large, fragile or especially bulky items?  We’ll guide you through our thoughtful processes and give you options for handling unique belongings.  If you have something we cannot accommodate with our disassembly/reassembly service (pool tables, baby furniture, trampolines, exercise equipment), you’ll know at the time you receive your written quote.
  • Wondering how to get rid of  mattresses or stuff you don’t want to move?  Ask us about our ancillary junk removal service designed to get your origination location ready for turn over.
  • Anxious about the day-of-move process?  You can count on our qualified team members to take you through exactly what to expect each step of the way.
  • Need to move a piano – either as part of your move or on its own? We specialize in that.
professional movers

Capitalize on our Efficiency

To deliver on our promise of convenience, we’ve developed a system that ensures a smooth moving experience.  It starts with your submission of our simple form to request a quote.  We’ll follow up if we have questions or need additional details.  Then, you can expect a written quote for your move.  We’ll next work together to find the best date for your move and get you scheduled.  A moving crew will be assigned to you; its size will be based on the quantity of items you are moving and the layout of your origination and destination.

Fully Prepared Crew

With our professional moving service, you’ll find the crew arrives as scheduled with everything needed to complete the job, including:

  • tarps to protect your floors
  • professional-grade dollys
  • tools for furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • blankets to protect your furniture
  • fueled up and properly maintained moving truck(s), sized for your contents
  • origination and destination checklists to ensure all items are accounted for and all steps are completed

Houston Moving CompanyCustomer Service Throughout

Our moving service is more than loading, driving and unloading.  To deliver the best customer experience, you can count on our team members to:

  • take care in the handling of your items
  • disassemble and reassemble your beds, desks and tables
  • detach and reattach dresser mirrors
  • place furniture in the rooms you desire, centering bed frames, sofas, etc.
  • carefully account for all boxes and furniture items
  • clean up after ourselves

Proceed with Peace of Mind

Fully licensed and insured, all Sunny Moving Services team members are trained to do the job right.  Though we put plans in place to ensure moving success, if something is inevitably damaged or displaced, you are covered.  Knowing your focus is getting settled in your new digs, we’ve devised a simple and expedient damage resolution process.

Let’s Get You Moved

A trusted moving company in the greater Houston area, Sunny Moving Services promises premier customer service and quality work. If you’re preparing to move, you can trust us to get you there, safely and conveniently.  Contact us today to get started