How to Pack Dishes for Moving: Dish Packing Guide

Moving can be quite fun. However, packing your dishes should be done very carefully to make sure everything arrives intact. Here is a quick guide on how to pack your plates, cups, and breakable serving dishes.

How to Pack Dishes for Moving: Dish Packing Guide


  • Reinforced cardboard boxes or:
    • Two nested boxes
  • Packing paper, or:
    • Dish cloths and towels
    • T-shirts and clothes
  • Cardboard dish grid or:
    • Cut squares of cardboard
  • Bold marker


Wrap and Stuff Each Dish Individually

Wrap every dish and cup in several layers of plates and cups. For cups and bowls, stuff the empty space with more paper or cloth. You can use packing paper, dish cloths and towels, or even clean t-shirts and socks.


Stack Plates Vertically to Prevent Cracks

To keep your plates from cracking, wrap each individually and then set them in a stack on their side, as if they were in a dish rack. You can also use a dish grid or vertical pieces of cardboard to stabilize your plates.


Cushion and Nestle Cups

For cups, which make rounded packets, nestle them into the box in a layer, or even inside your pots and serving dishes.  Use extra padding in between.


Pad the Edges and Top

When your dish box is full, or you run out of dishes, pad all empty spaces. You don’t want anything shaking, at all, if the box is shaken. Stuff the edges and slightly over-stuff the top so the top flaps puff out just a little when taped shut.


Tape the Box Securely

Be generous with your tape. Close the box and tape your central line, then the two sides, and consider  few extra strips of tape along or across the center, as well. Don’t let your dishes open up in the move.


Label “FRAGILE” on All Sides

Finally, label your dish box “FRAGILE” on all sides so it can be seen no matter how the box is stacked. Label it “Kitchen” on at least one side, so it goes to the right place.


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