4 Neat Tips to Pack Winter Clothes for Moving

Did you know that of all the clothing you have, winter clothes are the toughest to sort and pack during a move? This is because winter clothes are cumbersome and take up a lot of space, which you are limited to during packing. The good news is that sweaters, jackets, hats, coats, and other winter clothing are not fragile, so you can be creative when packing them. Here are four neat tips and tricks on how to pack winter clothes before that move.

4 Neat Tips to Pack Winter Clothes for Moving

Things to Know Before Packing Winter Clothing

Winter Clothes are Heavy

Your winter clothing will be the heaviest items that you must box for safe shipment. Because most winter coats have substantial fur inside, they can be rather hefty. Wool sweaters may also weigh more than you anticipate, especially if they are packed tightly into one big package.

Winter Clothes Require a Lot of Space

The downside of packing winter clothing for a move is that, because of their large volume, these clothes will occupy a lot of room within the cardboard containers. And they would need the use of more substantial packaging materials than you had originally planned for.

Do This Before Packing Winter Clothing

Sort Them Out

The most crucial step you should take when packing winter clothing for a relocation is to go through those items and decide whether or not to transport each one individually. All of your winter clothing should be packed and moved if you’re relocating to a cold state. In this situation, you should only discard the items that are beyond repair or that you won’t be utilizing anymore.

Tips to Pack Winter Clothes for Moving

Use Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags are specifically made to compress clothing; they have a valve on the side that can be used with a vacuum hose and a hand pump to remove all the air, making the clothes compressed and simple to pack.


Clothing can take up around 50% less space when rolled than when folded. If you use elastic bands to keep the rolled clothing together, your clothes will be securely fastened, folds will be almost eliminated, and you can stack many wraps in a given packing box.

Bundle Wrapping

A cutting-edge method of packing clothes to save space and minimize creasing is bundle wrapping. To create a bundle that keeps the clothing compact, arranged, and wrinkle-free, the clothes are folded and layered around a single core item. Winter clothing tied in a bundle will fit snuggly in a packing box.

Use Packing Cubes

When moving or traveling, packing cubes provide an effective way to arrange and compact clothing items. Just organize your winter clothing into groups, fit as many clothes from each category as you can inside a cube, then zip it up. The packaged cubes will fit into the cartons like puzzle pieces, maximizing space as well as keeping your clothes neatly organized.

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