Labeling Moving Boxes Like a Pro – The 4 Top Tips

Moving requires meticulous planning and organization of items. Otherwise, you will probably mix up your belongings and find it hard to track each item for reorganization at your destination. Proper labeling of the boxes can save you this time-consuming tracking task and prevent damage by mishandling delicate items. Here are 4 tips for labeling moving boxes.

Labeling Moving Boxes Like a Pro – The 4 Top Tips

Label Your Boxes Clearly

Write your labels in clear handwriting. You may understand your poor handwriting, but others may have difficulty understanding it. Labels do not need to be elegant. They should only be legible and large enough to be seen from a reasonable distance.

Label All Sides of Moving Boxes

Many people only label the one side that is facing them when packaging. However, it makes sense to label all sides of the boxes. This way, the moving team does not have to keep turning the box to determine where it is destined. Your team will organize the new space a lot faster with proper labeling.

Color-code and Number the Moving Boxes

Color coding enables you to organize your boxes accordingly. You can organize items according to rooms, types of items, and characteristics such as fragile, wood, or food items. You can use markers, stickers, or tape. Avoid using several color codes so as not to confuse the moving team.

A number system enables you to order your boxes such that you can tell what items are in each box. You can use the numbers to create a reference list of items should you need to access any at your destination.

Show the Top Side of Boxes with Fragile Items

Fragile items such as clay, porcelain, and ceramic ware should be handled carefully. It is essential to show the top side so that the moving team does not flip it over and damage the contents. Include the word “fragile” on each side so that the team handles the box with care.

Use the tips above when writing labels to make the particle and help you easily organize your new home. Sunny Moving Services will assist in the labeling, moving of the boxes, and organizing items at the destination. Contact us for all your moving needs.