What Packing Supplies Do I Need To Prepare for My Move?

Moving is an exciting time with good things on the horizon. Still, you know you’ll need a few supplies to make your relocation successful. If you’re wondering where to start, here’s a list of the most essential packing supplies to help you prepare for the big day.

What Packing Supplies Do I Need To Prepare for My Move?


The most important moving supplies you’ll need are boxes. You’ll need them in different sizes: large boxes for light and bulky items and smaller boxes for heavy items like books. If you don’t have enough boxes or can’t find the right size boxes for specific items, consider grabbing a few free ones from Craigslist or buying some from your moving company.

Packing Tape

You may think that packing tape is just wide tape, but it’s not! You’ll find that spending a bit more on strong adhesive packing tape (not shipping tape) is money well spent. Good packing tape stays put when sealing boxes. It ensures the bottoms stay together as packages are loaded in and out, and it’s designed to handle different environmental conditions, so boxes remain sealed during storage.


Be sure to get some bubble wrap or foam wrap sheets to protect your valuable or delicate items. The more padding you have between your item and the box wall, the better. Newspaper can also be used in a pinch — just remember that newspaper doesn’t cushion as well as bubble wrap or foam.

Labels and Markers

You can write directly on the cardboard box or use white or color-coded labels to help with identification. The more easily visible the information (like what room the box goes in and the contents), the better. Don’t forget to keep an ample supply of markers or pens on hand.

Box Cutter

Box cutters come in very handy during every step of the process. Keeping a standard box cutter in your pocket as you pack and unpack will make the job much easier than trying to use regular office scissors.

Dust Mask

If you’re packing up things that may be dusty (like books), this can help keep your nose and lungs clear as you’re taking them off the shelves.

Clear Tape/Scotch Tape

You may want to add some Scotch tape to secure delicate items firmly inside their wrapping. Even well-packed items tend to move around during transport.

Professional Movers With a Personal Touch

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