Turn Relocation to Houston into A Success

Houston boasts various attractions, eateries, and a vibrant shopping scene. The city is home to exciting sights and activities. Families, outdoor enthusiasts, and art lovers will love it here. Relocating to Houston ought not to cause you anxiety. Houstonians are hospitable people.

Houston experiences hot summers, so prepare to adapt. You will also need reliable air conditioning for your new home. On the flip side, the city has mild winters with occasional extremes.

Turn Relocation to Houston into A Success

Find Out Where to Live in Houston

While planning your move, a relocation guide would come in handy. In it, you will find details about neighborhoods, transportation, schools, and shopping. Neighborhoods range from apartment complexes to family homes. Planned communities also exist with malls, hospitals, and convention centers.

Finding A Moving Company with The Right Resources

Relocation can be a stressful affair, but you will ace it through planning, packing your stuff, finding a moving company, and so on. Upon confirming your moving date, it is wise to engage a moving company. Contact several movers in your area and compare their services.

The best way is to ask your friends or colleagues to share the names of companies they have used. Also, ask about their experiences. Some of the questions you could pose include:
•    Did the mover meet their expectations?
•    Were they too pricey?
•    Would they recommend the mover?

Once you have a list of recommended movers, check out their status. Visit your local consumer organization website. Find moving companies affiliated to AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association).

Narrow down your list to a few that you feel would be worth engaging. Contact the ones you have selected and share details of your impending move. Inquire about their services and ask for a detailed cost estimate. Compare the rates provided and determine the provider that best meets your expectations.

Houstonians Make Good Neighbors

In Houston, you will find helpful residents willing to give directions. They can also recommend excellent places to dine or visit. Once you arrive and begin to settle in, do not hesitate to ask your way around. Also, start participating in community activities. You soon make friends and start feeling like you have lived here for years.

Contact Sunny Moving Services for professional moving help when relocating to Houston.

4 Benefits of Using a Junk Removal Service

You probably have junk that you don’t want to move with to your new house. So, what do you do? You have to get rid of all that junk. Instead of doing it yourself, why not hire professionals to do it? Here are the benefits of hiring a professional for junk removal.

4 Benefits of Using a Junk Removal Service

1. Saves time and money

If you are busy, it will be challenging to declutter your home. Instead of wasting the time determining permits and renting a dumpster, leave it to the professionals. A professional junk removal service has the experience of removing junk effectively and save you time. Therefore, you can focus on other important activities.

2. Reduced environmental footprint

Junk travels through the oceans and rivers and will cause harm to freshwater sources, which negatively affects the environment. By using junk removal services, it reduces the effects of global warming. The professionals follow a step-by-step process and recycle the materials. These removal teams have been trained on how to recycle junk instead of dumping it into landfills.

3. It gives you peace of mind

When you are moving, you will be worried about how to get rid of the clutter you don’t have. It can be stressful just to think of the fees you’ll pay for junk removal. Hiring a junk removal service gives you peace of mind. With Sunny moving services, you get a quote on the initial proposal. Therefore, there is no effort on your part and you will have gotten rid of the clutter.

4. Saves you from injury

If you want to move oversized items like furniture, mattresses, and appliances, you can get severe injuries. Injuries to the shoulders and spine can take longer to recover and can lead to surgery to treat them. So, it’s wise to get help from a junk removal service to keep you and your family safe.

If you are moving and you want junk removed first, we have got you covered. Contact us today at Sunny Moving Services.

What Packing Supplies Do I Need To Prepare for My Move?

Moving is an exciting time with good things on the horizon. Still, you know you’ll need a few supplies to make your relocation successful. If you’re wondering where to start, here’s a list of the most essential packing supplies to help you prepare for the big day.

What Packing Supplies Do I Need To Prepare for My Move?


The most important moving supplies you’ll need are boxes. You’ll need them in different sizes: large boxes for light and bulky items and smaller boxes for heavy items like books. If you don’t have enough boxes or can’t find the right size boxes for specific items, consider grabbing a few free ones from Craigslist or buying some from your moving company.

Packing Tape

You may think that packing tape is just wide tape, but it’s not! You’ll find that spending a bit more on strong adhesive packing tape (not shipping tape) is money well spent. Good packing tape stays put when sealing boxes. It ensures the bottoms stay together as packages are loaded in and out, and it’s designed to handle different environmental conditions, so boxes remain sealed during storage.


Be sure to get some bubble wrap or foam wrap sheets to protect your valuable or delicate items. The more padding you have between your item and the box wall, the better. Newspaper can also be used in a pinch — just remember that newspaper doesn’t cushion as well as bubble wrap or foam.

Labels and Markers

You can write directly on the cardboard box or use white or color-coded labels to help with identification. The more easily visible the information (like what room the box goes in and the contents), the better. Don’t forget to keep an ample supply of markers or pens on hand.

Box Cutter

Box cutters come in very handy during every step of the process. Keeping a standard box cutter in your pocket as you pack and unpack will make the job much easier than trying to use regular office scissors.

Dust Mask

If you’re packing up things that may be dusty (like books), this can help keep your nose and lungs clear as you’re taking them off the shelves.

Clear Tape/Scotch Tape

You may want to add some Scotch tape to secure delicate items firmly inside their wrapping. Even well-packed items tend to move around during transport.

Professional Movers With a Personal Touch

Sunny Moving Services is here to lend a hand when you’re ready to make a fresh start in the Houston, Texas, area. You’ll love our full packing service, which includes the packing supplies themselves to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible! Contact us today for a quote.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Packing Service

We all love the feeling of relocating to another city or location. But with it comes the need to move your things from your current home to the new residence. However, before anything can be moved, they need first to get securely packed. This process is not only tiring but also demanding, especially if you’re trying to do it yourself. That’s why professional movers like Sunny Moving Services offer clients an option to include professional packing when moving. Not sure still? Below are the top 5 reasons you should consider a professional packing service.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Packing Service

1. Saves Time

Choosing to do the packing yourself can take days, if not weeks. As they say, time is money. Hiring expert packers can save you a lot of time that can better be utilized in other important things.

2. Safety

The fact is that you have different categories of goods, some fragile, others irregularly shaped, while some are sensitive to various elements, hence requiring special packaging. A moving company understands that better and also got the experience needed. Coupled with the training packers go through, you can be sure the probability of damage to any of your belongings is near zero.

3. Insurance Cover

Moving companies like Sunny Moving will leave nothing to assumptions. While the packers have all the skills and experience to minimize any accident or damage, we know it can happen in very rare cases. With professional packers, you can rest assured that all your equipment and items are insured, and claims processing won’t take weeks but just a few days.

4. Peace of Mind

Packing things yourself is stressful, tiring, and hectic. For instance, you have to figure out which things go where and what box or packaging you should use for each item. Proficient packers can quickly help you make this procedure hassle-free. They got the tools (boxes and other packing materials), experience, and capacity backing them up.

5. Efficient and Cost-Effective

Professional packers can customize your specific needs to make the package more efficient in terms of space, moving, and loading & unloading. For example, they will label your boxes to indicate which room each should go to (and what is inside). This avoids an instance of having to open several boxes before you find what you’re looking for during unpacking. Also, professional packing service saves you money compared to hiring a private truck to pack and move yourself.

We Can Help You Professionally Pack and Move Your Things

Sunny Moving Services offers both professional moving and packing services in Houston, TX. Our goal and commitment have always been the same — make your move enjoyable, stress-free, and satisfactory. Talk to us now for more info or request a free quote today.

4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

When relocating from one place to another, you’ll need the services of a mover. The right moving company gives you peace of mind knowing that your items are in safe hands. If you are thinking of hiring a professional mover, you are still not decided. Here are the benefits of hiring professional movers.

4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

1. They are experienced

Professional movers are experienced and can handle both fragile and heavy items. You would not like to move heavy and bulky items on your own. So, when you hire professional companies, they will move the bulky items without any problems. The moving company will pack your items properly to avoid damage while on the move.

2. Items are insured

When you move your items on your own, you’ll be responsible for your property. In case your property gets damaged, you will incur the cost of replacing the damaged items. Professional movers are insured and offer insurance protection for your items. The type of insurance depends on the distance your items are being moved.

3. Saves time

Packing items takes a lot of time and energy. You’ll have to ask your family and friends to help you out. Loading and offloading the truck also takes time and energy. If you decide to do everything yourself, you’ll be wasting a lot of time. Professional movers are conversant with the job and use the best methods to save time.

4. They have the moving equipment

There is a high chance of your items breaking when moved carelessly. Professional movers have the equipment needed to move your items safely. Some equipment they use includes custom trucks, ramps, hoisting straps, and dollies.

There are numerous benefits of hiring professional movers. When you are planning to move across the state or the country, using a moving company saves you stress. Whenever you need help moving, contact us.

Easing Your Kids’ Anxiety When Relocating

Kids, regardless of their age, thrive on familiarity. As such, to learn that they are relocating can be quite traumatic, especially if you drop the news when they’re unprepared. Whether you are moving in search of greener pastures or following a job transfer, your kids will have trouble understanding why you have to relocate. They may also be scared of going to a new school or sad about leaving their friends.


Consider the following tips for easing your children’s trauma before relocating to Houston.

Easing Your Kids' Anxiety When Relocating

Prepare your kids Based on Their Age


Depending on their age, kids deal with the relocation process differently. This implies that you need to break the news and prepare your kids differently.


  • Pre-School Kids


Children younger than six are the easiest to relocate with; they rarely get affected by the new environment. However, your guidance is crucial as they can feel lost. First, explain to your kids why you must move; remember to keep your explanation straightforward. You may even use a story to describe the relocation process. Also, let them pack their toys and label their boxes with crayons to make the process fun.


  • Elementary Aged Kids


Children aged six to 12 are usually concerned about how their lives will be affected by their new surroundings. Therefore, when relocating to Houston, you will want to give them an insight into what awaits them in their new city and house. Ideally, take them to their new home and hometown well in advance and let them explore the environment.


If taking them there is not possible, provide them with pictures, videos, and fun information about their new home and town. For instance, if your kids take karate, dancing lessons, or play soccer, find a studio or stadium and get brochures to show them that they won’t have to give up their hobbies or favorite activities.


  • Teenagers


Teens are usually the most concerned about fitting in with the other children in their new environment. Despite having the mental capacity to understand why they need to relocate to Houston, teens are probably the hardest to deal with. This is because they’re usually extremely attached to everything in their current lives, including friends, schools, jobs, and extra-curricular activities.


It will help if you take pictures and videos of the new city to give your teenagers an overview of what to expect. You may also take them on an orientation trip to the new city and let them select a school they’d desire to attend after the relocation.


Have a Family Discussion About the Move


Whether you think your kids will understand or not, the best way to help with the relocation trauma is to discuss it in great detail. Give them all the necessary information about Houston and try to answer their questions truthfully. Also, consult with your kids about vital decisions regarding your relocation to Houston whenever possible.


Whether you are looking for a fresh start or a first start, moving can be an exciting time for you and your kids. It’s a time of possibility with the prospect of something better and fresh unfolding. At Sunny Moving Services, we consider it a true privilege to serve our clients, which is why we have provided you with the above tips to make the transition easy for you and your kids.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Moving Company

From clearing your old house to organizing your new home, relocating from one household to another can be draining. However, with the help of professional movers, the process can be seamless and less demanding. Here are three reasons you should consider looking for “the best moving company near me.”

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Moving Company

1. Professional packing
Packing your items in a truck can be a daunting process, especially if they are delicate or too heavy. Professional movers have the right tools, boxes, and machinery to move all your property securely. They also have the necessary skills and knowledge required to pack your belongings properly, protecting them from damage along the journey.

2. Time Efficiency
As you plan to move from point A to point B, one thing you don’t want to waste is time. Relocation is an involving process and staying on task is essential to make every step a success. Searching for the “best moving company near me” on Google will save you quality time that you can use to rearrange your new place, sort out the necessary documents, and complete other crucial tasks.

3. Safety Measures
Many things could go wrong when you are moving your items, with injuries being one of them. You may trip and slip, falling objects may hit you, or misplaced sharp items could cut you. Instead of hurting yourself while trying to move stuff, browse “moving companies near me” on the internet. A professional mover will show up with all the safe working tools.

Sunny Moving Services Can Help You
Hiring a moving company is not only risk-free and time-efficient, but also relieves you of the relocation-day stress. As one of the best moving companies, our experienced and trained movers are available to help you. They will transport your items quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. Contact us today for reliable moving services.

3 Top Things to Look for in a Moving Company

There are a number of essential factors you’ll need to consider when moving. Along with figuring out logistics and gathering supplies, it’s most likely you’ll be thinking about hiring a moving company.

3 Top Things to Look for in a Moving Company

Hiring the best moving company is the ideal way to simplify your move. While there is a price tag attached to a professional moving service, moving your own personal belongings can be back-breaking work. Passing this responsibility off to professional movers who will free you of the heavy lifting will free up your time for other important moving day activities. But what makes the best moving company?

Things to Look for in Professional Moving Companies

Below are three of the top things to look for in a professional moving service.

1. Trustworthiness

Trustworthy moving companies will offer all the features you might be seeking in your relocation. They will:

  • Offer outstanding customer service
  • Be insured and legitimate
  • Will have transparent rates and conditions
  • Will treat your items with the proper car
  • Will deliver your items on time
  • Will handle any potential problems in a beneficial way

2. Experience

It’s safe to say, it’s safer and easier to hire a professional moving company that has years of experience. When choosing a moving company, you’ll definitely want to look into their experience.

While a company’s long history doesn’t necessarily guarantee great service, the fact it’s stayed competitive for years does show you the company must be doing something right. Aside from that, you’ll want to hire resourceful and experienced movers who can handle any potential moving issues that might occur professionally and get the job done right.

3. License and Insurance

Never hire a moving company that isn’t insured and licensed. Anybody with a truck can claim to be a moving company. Only the moving companies that are officially insured and licensed are legally bound to protect your personal belongings and property.

Contact us  here at Sunny Moving Services to get your free quote in five minutes or less.  We realize how stressful moving can be and respect that. This is why we are serious about providing outstanding customer service and professional moving services for all our clients.

4 Smart Ways To Save On Moving Costs

While moving to a new place is exciting, it can be an expensive endeavor, thanks to a load of expenses that come with it. Did you know that the cost of moving interstate can range between 80 and a hundred dollars, while moving across states can cost you up to 5,000 dollars?  With the costs of moving being so high, learning a few tricks on how to save money is crucial. Here are easy ways you can cut down on moving costs:

4 Smart Ways To Save On Moving Costs

Get rid of unneeded belongings

One of the biggest expenditures when moving is paying for the hourly costs of the movers. This means the longer you keep them, the more you pay, and this is where decluttering comes in: A few weeks or days before the actual day of moving, get rid of the items you won’t need or miss. You can choose to donate or sell old furniture and clothes to minimize the things you will carry with you. This will help you save time and money during the moving process.

Find your own moving supplies

The cost of moving supplies, which include boxes, tapes, padding, and bubble wrap, can add up to several dollars. Before you spend money on any of these items, make sure you have utilized the ones at your disposal. The suitcases, baskets, and hampers can be used to pack clothing, while towels and socks are convenient for packing smaller items. If you happen to need boxes, you can ask for some from local retail shops or borrow from neighbors and friends.

Get quotes from multiple movers

Contacting multiple movers (at least three) can ensure you get the best and cheapest deal to help save on costs. Here, let your mover estimate the belongings you have as well as the distance you will be moving to give you a reasonable quote. Keep in mind different movers have different charges based on various factors such as distance, belonging, and packing services.

Book your mover at a strategic time

It is advisable to move when movers are not too busy. The best period to move is during the weekdays (Monday to Wednesday) and mid-months since fewer people move during these periods. Also, avoid the last weekend of the month as movers tend to be occupied, which makes the charges go up.

Although moving is often fun and exciting, it can prove expensive, especially if you don’t know how and where to cut costs. These tips can help you minimize the expenses as you look forward to new adventures in a new neighborhood.

Are you planning to move soon? If so, Sunny Moving Services is here to provide you the best and professional moving services in Houston, Texas. Contact us for more insight into how we can help you move at incredibly affordable costs!

The Benefits of Hiring a Houston Moving Company

Moving is exciting. A new place with new possibilities. Opportunity awaits.  You’ve just got to get yourself – er, your stuff – there.  Indeed, moving is exciting but the logistics can be stressful.  Partnering with a professional moving company will ensure you seamlessly get from point A to point B, and all those possibilities you’re looking forward to capturing.


The Support You Need During a Move

Maybe you’re asking, “Could I do it myself?”  Maybe you physically could.  You can fit a lot in most modern personal vehicles, after all, especially if you put the seats down.  Plus, you’ve seen a mattress strapped to the top of a compact car heading down the freeway.  It seemed to be getting the job done.  You’ve never seen a mattress lying on the side of the freeway.
Or perhaps that buddy of yours could lend you his truck.
No friend-with-truck?  Maybe you could rent a U-Haul truck.
Then you could recruit some friends and/or put the children to work.  They’re free labor, or at least cheap labor. if the carrot is, say, beer or extra screen time.  (That’s beer for the friends, screen time for the kids.)

Yes, chances are you could theoretically get it done; but, going this self-move route, you’re going to be the sole conductor orchestrating all the moving (pun intended!) parts.  You’ll have to get everything loaded and unloaded, and that’s after you’ve packed it all up, all while navigating the big emotions that naturally come with new and different.  The fact is, moving, as exciting as it can be, is one of the biggest life stressors.  It sits right up there with death and divorce.  There is a reason professional movers exist.  Partnering with people who do this moving thing day-in and day-out will ensure an efficient process, one that not only safely moves your belongings, but also safeguards your sanity and personal relationships.

How Do I Go About It?

You can find a good number of professional movers to choose from in the Houston metroplex.  There are, however, a few things to look for when choosing for your professional moving service.

  • Are they insured?  They’ll be moving your belongings.  It’s not common, thankfully, but things can happen.  We’re not talking mattresses on the side of the freeway, but rather a car wreck, furniture scratches, a dropped glass, door threshold dings, that sort of thing.  All reputable moving companies carry insurance to protect your belongings and structures during the move process.
  • Do they maintain a fleet of trucks in various sizes?  Depending on your situation, you may only need a small truck and wouldn’t want to pay for more than you need.  Alternatively, you may have a lot to move and will require a large truck to get it all moved in one trip.
  • How’s their reputation?  Do your homework on the provider.  Check out their online reviews.  Try to get a personal reference or two.

Once you’ve identified a service provider you are interested in, it’s time to get a quote for service.  Often you can get a quote for service over the phone, or via the completion of a simple online form, providing the moving company with a few specifics, such as:

  • the number of bedrooms in the origination and destination locations
  • distance of the dwellings from where a truck can park
  • confirmation of stairs at the origination and/or destination locations
  • ownership of any unique or bulky items, such as workout equipment, a large safe, a piano, delicate artwork, etc.
  • desired moving date

With this information, the potential service provider will be able to determine the size of truck(s) and crew needed for the job, and will be able to give you a solid estimate of costs for service.  It is important to be as clear and detailed as possible when answering questions so as to avoid any surprises that could inflate your final cost.  Most local moves are priced on an hourly basis and will be accurate if the information provided to them is complete and concise.  Intrastate moves are more likely to be quoted as a flat fee given the hours and potential variables involved, i.e. travel delays, overnight stays, etc.  Pricing information in hand, you can compare companies, pulling in other relevant data, including the company’s reputation, their availability for service, and your perception of customer service based on the initial engagement.

What Can I Expect From the Moving Company?

Once you’ve made your decision on a service provider and the date is set, it’s time to get packing.  A good moving service will be available to answer questions and direct you to packing resources to prepare you for the move.  At Sunny Moving, we also offer professional packing service.  If you’re crunched for time or otherwise choose not to do your own packing, a packing service is your solution.  Typically, packers will be scheduled to complete their work the day before your move. They will come prepared with the supplies needed – boxes, tap, bubble wrap, paper for cushioning – to safely pack your belongings.  Some people choose just to have the tedious or delicate contents of, say, the kitchen or living room, packed professionally, and will pack up the other rooms themselves.  Others opt to have everything packed for them.  Similar to the physical moving service, packing services can generally be quoted over the phone.

Optional Junk Removal
It’s a safe bet that something you currently have doesn’t need to go to the new location.  Even the most organized hang on to things they no longer need and moving is a productive purge!  Like us, many professional movers offer junk removal services.  They will pick up and properly dispose of items you no longer want.  Going this route, you can be sure your old home or business is ready for the transition of occupancy.

Day of the Move
On the day of the move, you can expect the crew to arrive as scheduled.  Arrival time will often depend on the size of the job and distance between locations.  Most often movers will start in the morning.  At Sunny Moving, for smaller jobs where we do more than one move in the day, we offer an afternoon start time for the second job. An afternoon move is a great option if your job is on the smaller side and you know you’ll benefit from having the morning to prep last-minute things.

You’ll want to have everything ready to go when the movers arrive.  Attempting to pack up boxes could delay the process.  Upon arrival, the crew leader will introduce the team and do a quick walkthrough with you.  The crew will then begin to move your furniture and boxes to the truck.  Many service providers include furniture disassembly and reassembly as part of their service.  You’ll likely see one member of the crew breaking down your furniture, taking care to secure all the components for reassembly at your new location.  Your job?  Simply stay out of the way and remain available to answer any questions.  Once everything is packed, the crew lead will ask you to walk the property to confirm that everything going has been loaded on the truck.

If you are unable to be present at the destination location, it’s a good idea to have a representative onsite.  As the furniture and boxes come off the truck, the crew will ask you where you’d like items to go.  If you’re able to direct each box or piece of furniture to the exact room you want it, you’ll avoid having to move things around later yourself.  This process goes fast.  Be sure to clearly mark the contents (or room destination) of each box you pack.  And think ahead to where you want items to go so you’re not making decisions on the spot.  One or more crew members will begin to reassemble your furniture once it is off the truck.  Most professional movers are happy to shift the heavy items around for you to ensure things are lined up, i.e. beds and dressers centered, etc.

Once the truck is unloaded and furniture is reassembled, the crew lead will conduct a walk through with you to ensure everything is in order.  If furniture blankets were used to protect your belongings, they’ll all be removed and taken back to the truck.  Though not anticipated, should a ding or scratch occur, you’ll be given the chance to document the damage and will be provided with instruction for obtaining compensation.

And that’s it.  You’re moved!  No friends to pay back.  No rented truck to return.  No return trips to get everything over to the new place.  You’re free to settle in at your new digs.

Hire a Professional Mover

Hiring a professional moving company takes the stress out of moving.  It allows you to stay focused on the more personal logistics of the process. Do you have a move in your future?  Hire a professional partner.  Trust us, you’ll be thankful you did.